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Records of raw data is avaliable


Dataset kits to explore

Problem sets from business
Nov'16, Bekasovo
HRCamp by Rostelecom from HR to Hring, developing new ideas and solutions.

Beared away by PETAMelon team with a chatbot solution.
1st financial forum for neural networks, artifical intelligence, machine learning.

PETAMelon team reach 2nd place with Consilieri Bot
Summer Sprint - June'16, HSE Strogino
Learn with High School of Economics how to deal wtih data storytelling based on datasets from ROSTELECOM, and advanced mining tools from SAS
Autumn Sprint, October'15, IIDF City Hall
Learn with Moscow State Technical University how to build datastory on jewelry and recruitment data from major companies HeadHunter, 585Gold and Rostrud
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